We combine diverse experiences to create unique spaces and exceed our client’s expectations through thoughtfully curated projects. By prioritizing trust and confidence in our project process, we have raised the bar of client service and satisfaction. We solve problems by challenging convention and maximizing client investment, introducing a project to new heights of existence.

A Midwest firm with national experience, we connect with a wide range of clients through a passion to convey the flow of concepts to results. Our design philosophy blends notions of craft, tectonic expression, sustainability, and contextual specificity, while working hard to understand our client’s objectives, budget, culture and mission.

Our collective goal is to get back to the heart of architecture by documenting experiences and details through tangible design that conveys a timeless story and personal vision of each client we work with.



Education: Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1996
Master of Architecture, University of Oregon, 2000

In order to create a great project, Chris Houston believes client communication is key. This focus on customer service is what has driven Chris through 15 years in the architecture industry. He has worked in a variety of markets, including educational, retail, corporate offices, museums and civic projects. Communication and listening to the needs of a client is the foundation of Chris’s project process. He feels sustainability is synonymous with responsibility and is committed to bringing these principles and strategies to every project. With a passion for integrating sustainable design into his work, Chris is an invaluable asset to TACKarchitects as the sustainability resource for clients and staff.


What do you think comprises a great architect?
A good listener & thinker who is always looking forward.

Most inspirational project you have worked on?
I have worked on a number of non-profit projects where their new facility has been able to enhance their mission. It’s always rewarding when you can see the positive change on the faces of their staff and visitors.

Client satisfaction is a huge priority for all of you. How do you create such bonds and lasting relationships with your clients?
Listen to what they need and keep that at the forefront of each decision and they will understand that you care.

What is your most precious possession?
My camera.



Education: Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University School of Architecture, Ithaca, NY-1994

Rebecca Harding is a project manager and principal for TACKarchitects. Through years of experience in the industry, Rebecca has created a perfect balance between maintaining project time lines and inspiring clients to think outside the box. Her eye for detail ensures polished work on every level, promoting the consistency of TACK’s projects no matter the scope. She believes the best designs are a product of their location and environment, and this philosophy gives her projects true meaning.


What inspires you?
Candid and authentic conversations.
The million shades of green that appear in Midwest rural farmlands.
Intricate parts and mechanisms of large machinery.
The nape of my daughters necks.

What is your design philosophy?
There shall be no clutter. Every element must have meaning and elevate the composition as a whole.

Latest downloads?
Song for inspiration:”Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger
Song for groove: “We are Done” by The Madden Brothers
TV show-“Rectify”
Movie- None; I have no patience to sit for that long.



Education: Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, UNL, 1994
Master’s of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1996

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Jeff Dolezal has made a career crafting spaces for his clients. Setting the standard for customer service, Jeff has been responsible for a variety of important architectural sites locally, nationally, and internationally, bringing a global perspective to the Midwest. A keen problem solver with an eye for aesthetics, his experience working on diverse project types gives him the ability to create solutions for a variety of clients. Jeff realizes design does not occur in a vacuum, and welcomes the opportunity to engage the client, the community, and other design professionals in the design process.



What is your philosophy on good design?
Less is more.

What has been your most meaningful project?
Each project is meaningful at some level, it’s all about what you take away from the design process. Each builds upon the last. They are more like chapters in one novel.

What is your biggest inspiration in architecture?
Nature, light and materiality.

What is your most precious possession?
A paper clip.